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Computer Vision Engineer

– Tallinn, Estonia
Employment Type Full-Time

Veriff is an invisible digital guardian capable of converting physical identity to online. The road there requires us to automate many parts of the identity verification process. For this reason, we are looking for great computer vision engineers to our machine learning & automation team to take a lot of image- and video-related tasks off of human specialists’ hands.

Here are the kinds of problems you will be working on:

  • automating tasks all over the spectrum: from experimenting with cutting-edge vision problems (e.g. document validation) to quickly deploying well-solved ones (e.g. face comparison)
  • solving problems with classical computer vision, machine learning, or a combination thereof
  • building and optimizing pipelines of detectors, e.g. layering OCR on top of a bounding box detector and topping it off with a language model
  • getting clever about infrastructure: perhaps deploying an in-browser face detector, or running a deep neural network on AWS Lambda

We are looking for people who can:

  • prototype fast and find out what works
  • hack together an 80-20 solution and iterate to solve the remaining 20%
  • implement approaches from academic papers if necessary, but avoid that when possible
  • solve a broad range of classical computer vision problems
  • demonstrate experience with OpenCV and deep learning
  • bonus: demonstrate experience in building production machine learning systems

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to work in an awesome (we really don’t use this word lightly) up-and-coming company with a lot of career opportunities
  • Building things from scratch together with top machine learning engineers on a core aspect of a fast-growing product
  • A lot of data and compute
  • International team and customer base
  • A friendly and flexible work environment where YOU are in charge of balancing freedom and responsibility
  • All the perks that go with a world-changing tech start-up
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